zymöl Wax on MotorBikes

motorbike zymol wax

Natural & Extreme High Gloss


Exterior Only: Wash -> Clay -> Polish, same as grooming price: $90 – $120

Application of zymöl Natural Waxes and engine touch up:

  1. Titanium: $50, General 
  2. Concur: $70, Luxury
  3. Vintage: $120, Special Glaze
Down time :  2 to 3 hours
Re-application every 3 months

Gloss level


About Zymöl

Over 200 years of formulary expertise is combined with 40 years of love and passion to offer a complete Hand-Crafted Experience blended to perfection. We use nutritive oils and natural waxes to enhance your finish without harsh chemicals or abrasives. 

Zymöl products are safe for all finishes. Our Wax’s main protective ingredients are Brazilian and Floridian Carnauba. Extracted from select tropical groves, we use up to ten times the amount of Carnauba than the industry standard. Our waxes are an enzyme mixture until they are applied. With air as a catalyst, Zymöl becomes ‘wax’, this event bonds the Carnauba to protect and enhance your surface. 

Get your own Wax

Keep it with us and we store it in the fridge for you, charges of $20 – $50 for each application. 

*Chat with our staff to find out more about zymöl Wax.

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