sonax premium car wash

10 Step Car Spa


Small/Normal Size Car: $35
Large Size Car Usual 2L & Above: $39
More than 5 seater: $45
Van: $50

  • Pressure jet, pre-rinse the whole car. 
  • Foam Shampoo with Sonax Active Foam.
  • Degrease Wheels with SONAX Rim Cleaner & scrub with professional woollies. 
  • Hand Wash with special wash mitt & bucket rinse with Grit Guard insert. 
  • Pressure rinse off and dry with a professional microfiber towel. 
  • Full Interior vacuum. 
  • SONAX glass clean. 
  • Interior Disinfectant wipe
  • Clean up door trims, sills & interior rubber seals 
  • SONAX Tire shines. 


Exterior Coat with SONAX Spray+Seal, like a Hydrophobic sealant (last about a month). Prices: $15 to $18 based on car size. 

*Car wash takes about an hour. 

Down time – 1 hours 

Protection with SONAX Spray+Seal
last 1 months

Gloss level


Frequency of maintenance – weekly

Additional Services, À La Carte:

  • Nasiol Glasshield Rain Repellent for Windscreen only or all windows, poliosh and coat. Bad Condition Requires intensive Polishing with serum & felt pads, for a front windscreen is $150> for all glass is $200>. 
  • Super Hydrophobic Coat, SONAX Spray & Seal: $15 / $18 
  • Engine Bay Clean and Coat: $50
  • Convertible Top Clean and Coat, with shampoo extraction: $80
  • Carpet or Fabric seat shampoo extraction: $30/up (base on evaluation)
  • SONAX A/C Power Cleaner cleans the air conditioner unit and the ventilation system, it evaporates quickly and easily; hence eliminates bacteria and mildew to create a fresh fragrance ambience in the interior. ONLY $15