Ceramic Coating

Best Workmanship, Professional, Certified Detailer & Quality Focus

Super Protection & Long Lasting with German Technology Ceramic Coating

Full detailing package to refresh and protecting your entire Car

Sonax CCEVO Ceramic Coating

Super Hydrophobicity
Easy Maintenance
car ceramic coating

Interior Grooming

Leather Conditioning
Plastic UV Protectant
Fabric Shampoo & Protectant Coat
Rubber Conditioning & Protectant

Windscreen & Glass Care

Rain Repellent
Prevent water marks

Engine Detailing

Full Degreasing
Coat Engine Parts

Optional maintenance with Zymol Super Wax

Super Gloss shine
Super Hydrophobicity

Appointment is needed:

Please NOTE, for Ceramic Coating, Car needs to be left in our shop from noon till evening, as polishing and coating takes about 7-8 hours, plus coating requires a few hours to cure for full hardness and great hydrophobic effect.