Car Interior Grooming

Our interior grooming is at $90 to $130 depending on car size and type


Following are the interior grooming process and details: 

  • Full vacuum, Dash, Air vents, Compartments, Mats & floor/carpet 
  • Disinfectant spray on carpet and floor
  • Dash and side doors panel Vinyl clean & shine with Sonax Interior conditional, non-oily formula that deepens and darken/renews plastic and rubber outlook. 
  • Leather shampoo clean & conditioning with Sonax Leather Milk or 
  • Fabric seats clean and coat with Sonax waterproof coating.
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Additional Services, À La Carte:

  • Full Fabric/Alcantara (suede) seats shampoo+extraction is normally + $100 (5-seater) base on evaluation. 
  • Leather rub, erase dirt stain +$50> base on evaluation. 
  • Pest fumigation is additional + $30
  • Roof lining clean + $50
  • Exterior car wash, rim clean, tire shine is +$20 
  • Sonax AC cleaner to kill bacteria bate in the air is + $15
  • Add spray sealant (like wax, can last a month) is + $15